Meet the Artist

My name is Sherry Ball Schoenfeldt and, in addition to being the wife of the best husband in the world, the mother to two amazing adult children, & GiGi to a precious brand new granddaugher, I am an artist.

I am an artist!

You wouldn’t think those four little words would be so hard to say but for many of us creative types, it is.
Maybe because it sounds immodest.
Maybe because it’s not thought of as a “real” profession.
Maybe because “artist” should be stated about you by someone in a gallery or museum.
Or maybe, most likely, it’s far more personal than that.

My personal journey to becoming an artist began at a VERY young age. My parents are creative, so it was only natural that I would pick up a pencil or a needle or… Around kindergarten I started designing clothes and did that for years (we can’t seem to find those old sketches so we’ll never know where that skill could have taken me LOL). When I was twelve, I took my first charcoal class and a few years later began working in oils. I took art classes in high-school and college and spent as much time creating as I could.

But for some reason I didn’t think art was a profession and went to college with absolutely no idea of what I was doing. I got married, had babies, got divorced and somehow, ended up spending a long, long time as an accountant. Don’t get me wrong. I actually like accounting for a lot of reasons. But accounting is what I happened into, not my passion.

I continued to create whenever I could, selling jewelry, purses and altered clothing at small, local craft fairs. When my children got a little older, I discovered mixed-media and assemblage, experimenting with papers, paint, ink and Plexiglas. I soon sold my first commissioned piece and realized I wanted to pursue my passion as my livelihood!

The transition from law firm controller in North Dallas to artist in Oklahoma City has taken awhile ~ I just stopped number crunching a year ago. I’ve been in several shows here, both juried and member. I’ve taken my love of beeswax collage and taught classes at a local art-stamp store only to discover how invigorating teaching is! As my art journey progresses, I hope to branch beyond local shows and teaching venues and to learn more about how others see the world and to share my love of art with them.

I truly believe that EVERYONE is born with a creative impulse.
Some have it squished out in elementary school or by the harshness of life, while some never even consider indulging it.
And some can’t seem to function if they’re not indulging their creative spirits ~ that’s me.
I’ve been creating ever since I can remember (with varying degrees of success) and cannot imagine my life without art.

Or without sharing it with others. There is nothing like the give-and-take between creative people, both fulfilling and inspiring.

Thank you for allowing me to share my art with you ~