I’m sure you are going to love the depth & soft sheen of beeswax collage (not to mention, the way it feels and smells) and/or the high gloss & beautiful colors of encaustic (which is beeswax with demar resin).
However, because these pieces are made with wax, the piece will attract fingerprints and dust.  Dust it the same as you would anything else – except do NOT use any sprays, wax or chemicals.  If it gets dull over time, polish using the heel of your palm, an old t-shirt, or, my new favorite, stockings (they have to be good for something, right?).
Also, because it’s wax, it can be affected by temperature – so avoid extremes in temperature (below 32o or above 120o).  In other words, don’t leave it in your car or outside or store it in the attic!
Do not display in direct sunlight.
If you have any questions, feel free to contact me.